Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Moment in Time

As the clock ticked down to "0" at Super Bowl XLIX and confetti shot from the cannons, I couldn't help but notice this player on his knees, alone in the endzone. I do not know him, but I could not help but notice how he separated himself from the crowd. Alone, he breathed in the surreal moment on the biggest stage in America.
Streamers fell, music played, fireworks lit up the sky. It was likely the very moment about which he spent his whole life dreaming. But tomorrow, he will wake up and see that the world is not as different as he thought it might be. Winning the biggest game in the world did not change him like he thought it would... Like he dreamed it could. Imagine, working your whole life for one moment... The moment where you believe that you will have it all. But in the chaos, emptiness. As the sun sets and rises, the moment is but a memory and the race begins again.