Monday, December 18, 2017

A Love Story

Grandpa Terrill was 20 years old when he and Grandma celebrated their first Christmas together. He turns 92 in January. 

This is their 71st Christmas together. Seventy-one years of falling in love and finding their way in the world together. 

She no longer speaks and often we don't know if she recognizes us when we visit. But when he is close to her, there is a visible comfort that comes over her. When he speaks to her, there is often a look of knowing that still fills her eyes. 

And on their 71st Christmas together, with dozens of their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren playing around them, they sat together and smiled as they admired the family that their love created. 

And these tender moments are all of the proof we need that a lifetime spent loving each other is worth it. When our bodies start to fail us and our minds slip away - true love never will.